Quad Roulette Systems

The game of roulette is never certain. Even the most prominent gamblers do not know what the result is going to be. No matter how much strategy you apply to the game, it comes down to sheer luck. However, you can apply some betting systems to beat the game. According to some gamblers, roulette betting can be done based on some patterns. So, there is a chance that you might apply some roulette strategies.

The double street quad strategy

This quad roulette system requires a player to cover seventeen numbers on the layout. The basic idea behind this is the fact that players do not have the chance to bet on more than five free adjacent spots as many of the slots are already covered. To successfully implement this quad roulette system you have to bet on one quad and two double streets. You will need six chips on every spin if you want to increase your chance. One chip on the corner bet, two on the double quad and any other number for the straight up bet, if you want to know exactly where the chips should go.

The five quad roulette system

This is for players wanting to cover all bases as you will have to bet on 21 numbers in total. These bets should go on the five quads or the corner bet and you can choose any other number for a straight up to complete the five quad roulette system.

Payoffs of these quad roulette system

These strategies can give you big payoffs. The players will find their bets to be 5:1 for the first strategy in the double street quad. The cornet bet can be 8:1 and the straight up bets can be 35:1. The same goes for the five quad strategy.

While these strategies can increase your chance in online casino, you should keep in mind that it is still a game of luck. So, you should make reasonable bets as the uncalculated bets do not pay off regularly. So, if you want to increase your chances, use these strategies. But most importantly, have fun with the roulette wheel.